This dataset reports information about all children who cease to be looked after in a collection year upon the granting of an adoption order.  This information was previously collected as part of the AD1 (children adopted) return but now forms part of the annual Looked After Children Census return made by Welsh local authorities. 

It includes key dates (latest care period, decision, matching and placement) along with basic demographic data about the adopter(s) eg number, gender and ethnicity.  There is also a flag to denote whether the child was adopted by their former foster carers. 

Within SAIL, this dataset must be linked to the primary Children Looked After census (LACW) to get child characteristics (week of birth, gender, ALF). 

Data Owner Welsh Government 
Earliest Data 1st April 2002 
Frequency of Updates Annual
Lag in Updates Becoming Available Approx 4 months after the local authority returns have been completed and verified

Meta Data 

ADR UK Catalogue
Health Data Gateway  
Data ResourceAllnatt, G., Lee, A., Scourfield, J., Elliott, M., Broadhurst, K., and Griffiths, L., (2022) “Data resource profile: children looked after administrative records in Wales”, International Journal of Population Data Science, 7(1). doi: 10.23889/ijpds.v7i1.1752.  
Data InsightAllnatt, G., Elliott, M., Cowley, L., Lee, A., North, L., Broadhurst, K., and Griffiths, L. (2023) Data Explained: Children Looked After Datasets. Available from: 
Other useful publicationsAllnatt, G., Elliott, M., Scourfield, J., Lee, A., Griffiths, L (2022) Use of Looked Administrative Children’s Social Care Data for Research: A scoping Review of Existing UK Studies British Journal of Social Work 00, p.p. 1-22. 

Other useful information 

Due to the anonymization process, not all data fields referred to in the local authority guidance are available for use by researchers.  However, this resource provides a useful starting point for understanding what is collected and the legal framework that sits behind some of the codes used. 

Aggregate data going back to 2003 is available on the Stats Wales website:  

There is some reporting of the data in the Welsh Government’s annual statistical release about children looked after by Welsh local authorities.  The latest version can be found:   

There are approximately 250 – 400 records per year.