The Welsh Government has dedicated Statistics and Research webpages for publications. This includes information relevant to the social care sector.  Links to these can be found on the respective pages for each dataset. 

All requests to access Welsh Government unpublished microdata for research purposes will be sent to the Welsh Government Statistics and Research Data Access Panel. If the Panel approves the request, the data will be made available to the researchers via a secure virtual platform. The Welsh Government encourages researchers to think about whether the SAIL databank may meet their needs. If it does not, please contact for guidance on applying for access to unpublished microdata.  

Administrative Data Research (ADR) Wales – a Welsh Government and higher education partnership – continues to work with Social Care Wales and local authorities to increase the availability of data for research in the SAIL Databank. The SAIL data catalogue is growing alongside regular updates to existing datasets. Researchers interested in accessing and linking children’s social care data to other datasets for research should contact SAIL via their online form