Supporting care-experienced parents


This project aims to challenge stigma, discrimination and poor outcomes for young parents in and leaving care.  The project will work closely with young people and other key stakeholders to consider and promote good practice for parents in and leaving care.

Activities and Methods

Phase 1: Development of a good practice charter through consultation and co-production with care experienced young people, policy makers, professionals and academics.

Phase 2: Production of good practice charter, together with a range of accessible and engaging related materials (e.g. summary films and posters).

Phase 3: Promotion and awareness raising activities designed to secure commitment to the #MessagestoCorporateParents campaign within and outside Wales.


The charter and a range of supporting resources can be viewed via:

Lead Person

Principal Investigator Dr Louise Roberts

Academic Staff

Academic Staff Rachael Vaughan
Academic StaffDawn Manny
Related partnersVoices from Care Cymru, TGP Cymru, NYAS
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