The research capacity building programme is an exciting new three-year programme funded by Health and Care Research Wales (HCRW).  The aims of the programme are both: to encourage people into the field of academic research on all aspects of social care; and to support those already working in the field to develop their careers. 

Would you like to do a PhD or professional doctorate? Pathway to PhD 

Aimed at those working in social care or with lived experience of services (either adult services or children and families) who are considering undertaking a doctorate or professional doctorate, this programme provides support to take your research ideas and develop them into an application for doctoral study.

Working in small groups as part of an Action Learning Set (ALS) you will work together to develop your idea, create a set of research questions based on that idea and explore the potential methodological approaches you might use to answer those questions.

The programme involves regular sessions over a three month period and will run twice a year 

Would you like support to develop your first grant proposal? Pathway to PI 

This programme is aimed at Early Career Researchers (ECRs) who having been award their PhD in a social care focused research area and who are now contemplating taking the next step and applying for their first grant funding as a Principal Investigator (PI).  

Using an Action Learning Set approach, participants will develop their research ideas and support each other through the process of applying for that first grant.  The programme will also signpost participants to other sources of support and funding opportunities.

The programme involves regular sessions over a three month period and will run twice a year.  The programme is open to ECRs in academic institutions in Wales or in research roles in third sector organisations.  

Would you like to become a research leader? Pathway to Professor

For mid-career researchers who have worked in social care research for a number of years (usually 5-years or more).  The programme will link participants with a mentor who is a senior academic in the social care field.   Regular meetings over a six-month period will provide an opportunity for participants to think about their longer term career goals – whether that is progression to Professor, or you have other things you want to achieve – and formulate those goals into a plan.

The programme is open to researchers in academic institutions or in research roles in third sector organisations in Wales.  

The Research Masterclass Series

The above programmes will be underpinned by the Research Masterclass Series.  The research masterclasses are an ongoing bi-monthly series of presentations by experts in the use of particular research methods.  Using practical examples, the sessions will provide not just an overview of a particular methodological approach, but outline how it can be applied within the context of a social care research.