Written by Elaine Speyer 

As part of a research project looking at ethnic and religious inequality within child and family social services, we have been working with a group of parents, supported by EYST

The group has been set up to advise on the research project, so that it is relevant, and brings real benefits to the community.  

So far, we have had two meetings. 

The first meeting was about getting to know each other and setting things up in a way which works for everyone. The group helped us decide what important issues the researchers should be focusing on. They also shared ideas about what other research CASCADE could do in future.  

It was great to get to know everyone and hear their ideas about future research directions.  

The second meeting was an opportunity for the parents to learn more about research and methods, and for the researchers to meet the parents and chat about what they have found out so far.  

One of the researchers on the project said the following after she met with the group:  

“…a wonderful group of people sharing their opinions and experiences from very different backgrounds.” 

In the future, we will talk more about the research findings with the group and look at how we can share the research in a way which helps to make a positive impact.  

We have really enjoyed working on this project and want to thank our partners, EYST, for welcoming us into their service, and being such great hosts. We also want to say a huge thank you to the parents for taking the time to help us with this important research project. The discussions we have had so far have been very enlightening and have already added so much value to the project.  

We look forward to continuing to work with this group and to hearing more of the many different perspectives that they bring, which we are sure will only further enhance the research.  

If you want to find out more about this research project, you can check out their project page here: Ethnic and religious inequalities in children’s social services in Wales: Patterns and outcomes – CASCADE (cascadewales.org)