This study aimed to evaluate use of strengths and relationship whole family approaches within Families First family support services throughout Wales and link this to service provision, receipt and effect. 


Within this, primary interest was in whether embedding family services in a restorative approach has a beneficial effect on service efficacy when compared to other methods. The specific aims of the project were

  1. Discover the understanding and adoption of strengths and relationship based, whole family approaches in family services across Wales
  2. Explore the delivery and receipt of family services using different models of service delivery
  3. Investigate how restorative approach affected practice and whether it had a positive effect on service delivery, receipt and outcomes when compared to strength and relationship, whole family approaches without

Lead Person

Principal InvestigatorDr Annie Williams
FundersHealth and Care Research Wales
Related publicationsWilliams, A. and Segrott, J. 2017. Development of a conceptual model for restorative approach in family service provision. Social Policy and Society
Family support services delivered using a restorative approach: A framework for relationship and strengths‐based whole‐family Practice.