This is an action research study which is aimed at supporting the Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Programme to be more trauma informed. We have carried out a review of key research on trauma informed approaches and the effectiveness of perpetrator programmes. These will be provided to managers and practitioners in the form of brief reports and we will also deliver a series of webinars to help embed the learning. We are also reviewing the material used in their 26-week perpetrator programme so we can work with them to make it more trauma informed.


The Barnardo’s Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Programme (DAPP) follows the Duluth model to address domestic violence. However, the project recognises that many service users have experienced some form of trauma at a point in their lives. The aim of the project is to address this by making the programme more trauma informed. The whole of Barnardo’s is now focused on being trauma informed so this work is consistent with that new approach.

Activities and Methods

The team have developed an understanding of the programme through a review of the paperwork and informal interviews with programme coordinators and deliverers. Simultaneously, the team have reviewed existing literature on trauma-informed approaches and are coproducing workshops with the DAPP team on how the services can be further developed to be more trauma-informed. As the programme develops, we hope to listen to recordings of group sessions and also carry out further interviews with practitioners and the families that partake in the programme.


This study will primarily help to develop theories about how to work with domestic abuse and evidence about whether trauma informed approaches can be useful

Lead Person

Principal InvestigatorProf. Donald Forrester

Academic Staff

ResearcherCatrin Wallace
ResearcherDr. Clive Diaz
Related partnersBarnardo’s Cymru