Young people who have lived in foster, residential or kinship care are more likely to become parents at a young age. This research project investigates what support is available to care experienced parents and what happens to their families.

Activities and Methods

2014/2015 – Review the international evidence regarding prevalence, interventions, risk and protective factors in relation to families with care experienced parents.

2014 / 2015 Survey of social care and health professionals in Wales regarding current practice and support services available.

2015-2016 – Survey of local authorities in Wales to establish current numbers of looked after children and care leavers who are known to be parents together with details of outcomes associated with their families

2015/2016 – Follow a group of care experienced young people who are expecting babies over a 12—18 month  period. Several interviews will be conducted with parents, and the professionals involved in supporting them, to track families’ experiences and progress.

Lead Person

Principal InvestigatorDr Louise Roberts