Cardiff University was commissioned by the National Safeguarding Board in Wales in November 2020 to carry out a multi-disciplinary analysis of Adult Practice Reviews undertaken between 2014-2020. The study involves academics from three differing disciplines – Social Work (including practice experience), Law and Criminology reading and triple coding Adult Practice Reviews, to look for the common themes emerging. Each academic brings their expert knowledge of their own field to the project.

The study builds on from two previous research projects undertaken by the team  (i) Death reviews in Wales (Domestic Homicide Reviews, Adult Practice Reviews, Mental Health Homicide Reviews) in 2018 and (ii) Child Practice Reviews in 2019. The research is shared with practitioners, disseminating the findings as widely as possible  so as to have an impact on future practice in Wales. Dr Alyson Rees, Dr Roxanna Fatemi-Dehaghani, Dr Tom Slater and Dr Rachel Swann are working on the study which is due to be completed in April 2021. 

A further study of Child Practice Reviews is due to commence in April 2021.

If you would like more information about this study, please contact Dr Alyson Rees