Today, at 10pm on Channel 4, a Cardiff University review of research by Julie Doughty, Nina Maxwell, and Tom Slater will be discussed on Channel 4’s Dispatches.

The programme considers the family courts system and reveals how courts can order the police to remove children, who are not in danger, from loving homes.

The review of research found that there are, “few to no high-quality evaluations of interventions… in relation to parental alienation” when considering orders that family courts make to remove children from one parent to another. No robust evidence was found to support the effectiveness of interventions such as enforced removal.

The full report is available online: Doughty, J., Maxwell, N. and Slater, T. (2018). Review of research and case law on parental alienation. Cafcass. Project Report.

More information on the episode is available from Channel 4.