Research — CY

CASCADE’s portfolio of current research. These projects are ongoing and are in in various stages of development… Read More

Reach for the stars: Care experienced role models

As part of our CASCADE Parents group and network we have offered the opportunity for members to contribute to blogs if they would like to. These will be stories, messages, or priorities for research from their perspective. We hope this will be a regular blog feature at CASCADE and another way for us to amplify the voices of those with lived experience of children’s social care. Read More

Public Involvement Board

At CASCADE we are committed to involving people with lived experience of children and families social care in our research. This includes children & young people, parents and carers. In 2021 we took the decision to set up an Involvement Board to steer and support our work. This board sits alongside our centre management and… Read More

Parent Network

In December 2020, with Support from our CASCADE Involvement Board and Health and Care Research Wales infrastructure funding, we began building a Parent’s Research Advisory Group. This group has proved invaluable in helping to direct, translate and disseminate research done at CASCADE. Their experience of children’s social care as parents, and commitment to the group… Read More

Cascade Voices

Who we are CASCADE Voices is run in collaboration with Voices From Care Cymru. The group is a research advisory group for care experienced young people. The group develops ideas for research, supports the design of research methods and the dissemination of findings. The group has previously advised researchers from universities in Wales and Northern… Read More

Administrative Social Care Data

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Weeding out a few bad apples? What do we believe registration of residential childcare workers is for?

Residential care for children ‘looked after’ by the state is often characterised as the placement of ‘last resort’, despite it being a positive and appropriate placement choice for some young people.  Across the UK, 16% of children looked after in England are living in residential settings, 10% in Scotland and 7% in Wales (Competition and Markets Authority, 2022). Historically, the children’s residential care workforce is undervalued and often seen as transient and low skilled (Department for Education, 2021), despite working with children who have often experienced significant trauma and challenges. Read More

Enhancing understandings of involvement in risky behaviours amongst children receiving social care

It is widely accepted that children looked after have poorer educational and health outcomes than the general population. However, low numbers and the tendency to treat children looked after as a homogenous group is problematic not least because it overlooks differences based on individual needs and circumstances. To understand the reasons for these inequalities, a… Read More