CASCADE and What Works for Children’s Social Care: Partners in research but no longer the Research Partner

In November 2017, the Department for Education announced that CASCADE would be its Research Partner for the What Works Centre for Children’s Social Care. Nesta were awarded a contract to help incubate and deliver the Centre itself.     It’s been nearly three years since then, and much has changed. The What Works Centre for Children’s Social Care has been renamed and firmly established… Read More

Effectiveness of a nurse-led intensive home-visitation program for first-time teenage mothers (building blocks)

Individual, social, and economic circumstances faced by teenage mothers can challenge a successful start for children and interrupt mothers’ long-term socioeconomic stability. The Family-Nurse Partnership (FNP) is a licensed intensive home-visiting intervention developed in the United States and introduced into practice in England. Authors Michael Robling, Marie-Jet Bekkers, Kerry Bell, Christopher Butler, Rebecca Cannings-John, Sue Channon, Belen… Read More

Family support services delivered using a restorative approach: A framework for relationship and strengths‐based whole‐family practice

Family support services, an integral part of many welfare systems across the developed world, have witnessed a growing demand for the use of relationshipand strengths‐based whole‐family approaches in the belief that this increases service engagement and effect. Despite this, knowledge that delivering services using such approaches can be challenging and calls for the identification and… Read More