A pilot scheme being run by Pact to provide more support to mothers in prison is already yielding significant benefits, according to an interim evaluation report published today by Dr Alyson Rees, CASCADE.

The ‘Together a Chance’ pilot placed social workers in two womens prisons with the focus to improve outcomes for mothers in custody and their children. The scheme aims to empower women to maintain links and engage with their children, whilst ensuring that child welfare remains paramount.

Pact is piloting the project following a recommendation made by Lord Farmer in his 2019 report that every women’s prison should have an on-site social worker as part of a multi-disciplinary team. Maintaining family contact is a key factor in reducing reoffending – prisoners who receive visits from a family member are 39 per cent less likely to reoffend.

Yesterday Dr Alyson Rees joined PACT to present the findings from the ‘Together a Chance’ report and share the success of the pilot scheme with members of parliament. Our goal is to highlight the work that PACT is doing to support women in prison and encourage the government to fund more schemes like this.

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