Following the death of Logan Mwangi, there have been calls for Wales to follow other UK nations and conduct an independent inquiry into children’s social care.

This week, Deputy Director of CASCADE Jonathon Scourfield spoke to BBC Radio Wales about the rarity of cases like Logan Mwangi, adding that this may not be the right lens from which to construct an outlook of the wider system.

The interview reflects upon protective factors such as involving members of the wider family in social care processes and how lockdown measures may have hindered social workers’ abilities to build relationships with families.

“Families need more support, not surveillance.”

Scourfield adds, “after the Baby P case, almost ten years ago, entries of children into care in the most deprived areas in Wales went up by 42%. We do not want to see that kind of major risk avoidance approach to happen as a result of this awful case”.

The full interview is on BBC Sounds until July 30th 2022 (begins at 1:12:00).

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