Too often the media and research focus on what is not working in children’s social care. We want to do something different – we want to find out and publicise what IS working. We hope you can help us. 

We want to hear from people in the sector about things that YOU think are working well. This could be local initiatives, new ways of doing things or a service that you think is great. If you know of anything that you think is good practice in your area we would really appreciate it if you could fill in our 5 minute questionnaire so that we can find out more:

We hope to share, with appropriate permissions, examples of good practice so that others across Wales can learn about them. We will do this through the ExChange network, and it might involve blogs, webinars, podcasts or other events. What we are looking for is not great individuals – though we know they are what keep services going – it is more ways of doing things or services that other areas might learn from. We hope that for some services we might help them evaluate what they are doing so that it can eventually be shared with an even bigger audience.