Complex Safeguarding Wales is a co-produced resource based on findings from the research project: County lines: a co-ordinated Welsh community response to child criminal exploitation and in collaboration with young people, parents and practitioners who have direct experience.

Its aim is to provide information about what child criminal exploitation is, what signs to look for and how parents can access help and support. Complex Safeguarding Wales also provides parents with an overview of the relevant policy for education, housing, police and children’s services and what to do if your child goes missing. Each section finishes with practical guidance based on what young people, parents and professionals told us.

Findings from the research project have also led to the development of a co-produced child criminal exploitation toolkit and assessment tool (available on request). These tools are aimed at enhancing practitioner and community responses to child criminal exploitation.

For more information and to request a copy of the child criminal exploitation toolkit and assessment tool, please contact Dr Nina Maxwell via email at or by phone on 029 2251 0944.